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15" Quad Rail Extended Length Free Float Handguard

SKU: 03-101

Looking for a 15" rifle length quad rail that doesn't cost as much as a good barrel? We have your back with our affordable line of quad rails. We know how hard it is to find a good 15" quad, so we make sure to have them in stock for your next build or upgrade. Made of aircraft aluminium and finished with stylish diamond shaped lightening cuts. there is no better bargain for a high grade rifle length quad rail on today's market. 

Price: $50.00


15" Ultra Light Keymod Extended Length Free Float Handguard

SKU: 03-105

One of the lightest keymod rifle length rails on the market! This 15" handguard fits all AR gas systems and mounts to a standard AR barrel nut for easy upgrade and simple installation. Made of rugged aircraft grade aluminium alloy.

Price: $55.00


12" Ultra Light Keymod Free Float Handguard

SKU 03-306

Designed to trim crucial weight off the front of your rifle, while still bein as ruggd as the gun you put it on. This handguard is the final and last word in affordable light weight rifle length KeyMod systems. 

Price: $50.00


10" Ultra Light Keymod Free Float Handguard

SKU 03-407

This 10" Ultra Light Keymod Free Float Handguard offers all the advantages ad flexibility of the KeyMod system with a sleek lightweight design. This is one of the lightest KeyMod handguards on the market and shaves crucial ounces off your build. Fits mid length and pistol gas systems and is finished in a rugged matte black coating. 

Price: $45.00


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