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Cadiz Gun Works

Cadiz Gun Works offers the best of Chaos, Tapco AK and Russian American Armory Company as well as Cole originals.


Pyrotechnic and fireworks supplies

Grog's 37mm and 40mm

The best source for 37mm and 40mm reloading information you can find ANYWHERE!!!!

Southern Ohio Machine Gun Shoot

Better than the crap in the movies!

Watch dozens of historic and modern machineguns in action!

See cars, trucks, computers, TV's and appliances shot to pieces, blown up and set on fire!  Have something you want destroyed...bring it!

Machinegun rentals are on hand with no minimum required to shoot!

Women's Holsters

Women's Holsters is a company and community dedicated to comfort, ease and style for the women's shooting world. Whether you're going to the range, the field or a night on the town, our goal is to provide you with the gear uniquely suited and designed for your feminine shame and style. 

Battle Boy surplus

for all your military surplus needs

Superior Firearm Coatings LLC

Superior Firearm Coatings is dedicated to Duracoating and restoring your firearm to a like new condition. We are committed to working with the customer to ensure satisfaction. We also have an in house artist that can design custom stencils per your request to make your firearm more unique and customized.

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